Sanglier Chocolate Labradors - News of Past Litters  - Clem

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Clem and sister Gayle Gundog Training at 7 months old

Prizes and certificates for Clem’s Gundog activities

Clemmie is the most goreous girl we could

have ever wished for, cheeky but so lovable!

She is gentle and kind but extremely

gregarious to the point of assuming, quite

incorrectly at times, that everyone will

instantly fall in love with an adolescent 30kg

brown bear bouncing in their faces.  Her

naughtiest trick is when she morphs into the

Artful Dodger by sneakily sniffing into trouser

pockets and after a rummage, if successful,

runs off proudly with her treasure hoping

that you will by now recognise the items

daggling from her lips!  When you choose

                                  your puppy from a litter,

                                  whether you pick the one that comes boldly up to you,

                                  or the one that is charging about chewing his brothers

                                  and sisters, or the one that just looks at you  imploringly

                                  with the ‘please choose me’

                                  eyes; it is a game of chance, you are in the lap of the

                                  Gods.  However, if you are buying a Sanglier puppy with

                                  a beautiful temperament, the rest is up to you!

                                       She is being trained for picking-up on local shoots.

                                  She has proved to be very biddable, keen and intelligent,

                                  not the most common adjectives used to describe

                                  Chocolate Labradors, but I believe Clemmie will change

                                  attitudes of a few old crusties who assume Chocolates

                                  are too goofy to be any good at working.  She was

                                  retrieving game to hand at 13 months, is very steady to

                                  the whistle and by this Autumn I expect her to be part

                                  of my team, learning her trade and

                                  hopefully blowing away some colour

                                  prejudice to boot.

                                  Clem has just passed her Kennel Club

                                  Good Citizen Bronze Award at 16