Your New Puppy:


At Sanglier Chocolate Labradors, we take our responsibilities to our puppies very seriously and have therefore produced these notes for your information. It is hoped that they will help you to understand your new puppy and therefore give it the best possible start in life.


When you first receive your puppy, he will need somewhere of his own where he can lay down, to go to sleep, or just be by himself quietly, as a puppy sleeps a lot of the time to start with. A large cage is ideal but it is not a place where you can lock away your puppy and forget it. Its a place of safety and security for your puppy.




Labradors can suffer from Hip and Elbow problems so you must be careful with exercise, jumping etc at an early age. Labradors can also suffer with weight problems and can get fat very quickly due to over feeding combined with a lack of exercise. It is easy to over feed and give too many tipbits and not realize, as Labradors will be constantly hungry and will always eat more, regardless of whether they need it or not.




Your puppy will have been wormed from two weeks of age, every two weeks until eight weeks or when they leave the kennels with Panacur Puppy Suspension and/or Drontal Puppy Wormer. Your vet will advise you of future worming products and your worming program to ensure good health for your puppy.




Your puppy will have been fed four times a day on Skinners Field and Trial Puppy. It is strongly recommended that you carry on this brand to prevent your puppy having an upset stomach. If you do decide to change food, you must change over very slowly 50/50 to avoid sickness and diarrhoea. All the Puppy Food bags contain all the nutrients required for your puppies needs and they will explain when to reduce frequency of feeds but will increase the quantity given. If you have any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to call me for advise on 07772 522536/01580 879230. Labradors have a tendency to get too fat very quickly so be aware of how much food you are feeding. [This includes TIPBITS]


Socializing and Exercise:


Its a good idea to take your puppy to socializing classes once he has had his injections and is allowed. These are very often run by your vets, or the surgery will be able to advise you who runs these classes in your area. Please do not let your puppy be bullied, or jumped on or frightened by other usually older more excitable dogs as this will lead to your puppy being withdrawn and may lead to confidence problems in the future.





Exercise should be kept to a minimum whilst your puppy is very young. Five or ten minutes at a time is plenty of exercise until your puppy is four months old. Exercise should be increased slowly after this time until your puppy is a year old. Over exercise of a young puppy is the quickest way to encourage had hips and elbows which is something that Labradors in particular can suffer from so is best avoided.




A puppy can become a pain if they keep jumping up and not doing as they are told. I strongly recommend you spend twenty minutes per day training your puppy sit, stay, walk to heel, lying down quietly out of the way, are all easily taught. It makes for a much happier dog when they know right from wrong what they can and cant do.


Your puppy will play and chew whatever is to hand and therefore shoes, chair legs or anything else just lying about that he can get in his mouth he will chew. To avoid this, I suggest that he has some toys of his own, encourage him to play with these and discourage those items that he is not allowed to have, a firm NO should be all that is required.


Toilet Training


My suggestions to keeping your puppy clean

When he wakes up put him outside for a wee

If hes walking around circles put him out for a wee

If he walking around sniffing put him out for a wee

And every so often put him out for a wee.

Make sure that when he goes outside for a wee that he does relieve himself and to tell him that hes a Good Boy when hes performed. Puppies can get distracted when outside and forget that they need a wee, and as they come indoors an accident occurs.


As previously mentioned in these notes if you have any problems, questions or queries on your new puppy, however large or small, please do not hesitate to call me on 01580 879230 or my mobile 07772 522536.


Colin Hinkley

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