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Max Jan 2010

Max Dec 2009

Max & Riley

Big Brother Max with Monty early 2011

Monty Jan 2011

We could not have picked a better puppy!  In reality they would all have been good but Monty is a real character.  He seems much brighter than Max but in truth that is not saying a lot.  Max is the Frank Bruno of the dog world - if you know what I mean! His strength and gentleness make him a truly wonderful dog.  From Day 1 they have been inseparable. Whilst Monty relishes his biscuit meals he clearly has a taste for raw meat. When we first fed them together (Day 1), Monty left his bowl and walked over to Max who had a very large chicken leg in his mouth. Without any hesitation the little one grabbed hold of the end and removed the leg from Max's mouth. Perhaps the task was made easier by Max's jaw dropping at the audacity of his younger sibling! Max has found a way to calm young Monty - he sucks his ears! I'm glad it works for Max but poor Monty ends up with ears resembling cardboard that has dried after a real soaking!

Big Brother Max with Monty early 2011

Monty Early 2011

Max has been a superb Big Brother.  He has tempered his strength to match Monty's size.  As Monty has grown, Max has slowly increased the robustness of his play.  Monty on the other hand is not

known for compromise in play - he launches himself at Max during play sessions and does not give ground easily.  He does however know when to make a strategic retreat.  At four months I have been surprised to see Monty demonstrate attempts at dominating Max.  Usually max displays a total disregard for these attempts but every so often he re-establishes the pecking order.  He has never hurt the youngster but Monty knows who's top dog between the two.  As Monty has developed he has begun to look more and more like Max.  In the fullness of time they may become difficult to tell apart.  We met a half sister recently (sired by Sika) and she is very much like Max in looks - it's all in the heads!        The boys are much admired by our numerous dog walking friends. Many compliments are received re their good looks, superb temperament and obedience. I have been happy to recommend Sanglier to each and every enquirer.